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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Normally, find them under $2 at Wallyworld
Originally Posted by Readers View Post
Costco, $13 for 4 can of US open is not bad at all. OK, I still need to pay tax...
From what I've seen recently, the $2 benchmark for legit balls is slowly fading into the sunset. It's looking closer to $2.25 as a standard; but $3.25 for US Open from Costco??? Am I reading that right??? You on Maui or sumthin'?

Speaking of collecting used balls, there was a tour player in Atlanta(ca 1990) who would hit at our public facility when he was in town. He and his hitting coach would buy 6 cans of balls from the shop, work out on the clay for a couple of hours and drop the balls into the Pros' collection basket on the way out. They would also sweep the courts and the lines when they finished...nearly unheard of on public courts 'back then'. Pretty cool, I reckon.
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