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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Middle of the court, I don't want to give the opponent any patterns and be predictable. Also, leaning towards one side can suggest you're masking a weakness.
Yeah, na. Most good players will generally be slightly to the opposite side of the court in a cc scenario and masking a relative weakness on one wing is standard right up to the current number one player in the world. The position is based also on where the ball is when the opponent strikes it.

Standing slightly on one side (your weaker wing) is generally good tennis at all levels - it says to your opponent that you intend to hit 60% forehands for example and if they're good enough to make it otherwise then go for it. You're forcing them to play your game.

99.99% of players in the world are not good enough to usurp that strategy enough to make it not worth doing. If they go for a big shot down the more open side of the court they wont hit winners enough to mask that they'll also be hitting to your favoured wing more often too. Unless of course they can hit winner at will - which is unlikely.

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