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I hope Djokovic gets it since I think he is still the best player and the true #1 right now. The slams are what matter most and while both he and Roger won only 1 slam Djokovic was clearly better in 3 of the 4:

Australian Open- Roger loses to Nadal in semis, who loses to Djokovic in final.

French Open- Djokovic beats Roger in straights in semis, and goes on to lose tough final to Nadal.

Wimbledon- Roger beats Djokovic in semis and wins title.

U.S Open- Roger loses to Berdych in quarters. Djokovic loses 5 setter to Murray in final.

So if it is indeed Djokovic which it seems most people are thinking, it would be the fitting result IMO. Although if Roger gets it by winning the WTF, which it seems likely he will have to in order to get it (and even then wont guarantee it) I wont begrudge him it either.
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