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Originally Posted by gmatheis View Post
I believe there was a thread where someone posted pictures of Federer's shoes and rackets that he had purchased at various charity auctions. I'm not sure he ever said how much he paid, but it was in the range of $15,000 - $25,000 I think for a racket. I believe that was an actual used racket signed on the overgrip. This guy also had some of Nadal's stuff I think. he also did some weighing of the shoes and rackets etc.

Found the thread .. look up Fabfed's posts for other threads too
Thanks gmatheis - that guy must really love tennis and/or be a millionaire to spend that amount of money on a Fed's frame, either that or he lives in a caravan (trailer park) and spends all his earnings from Burger King on tennis rackets.

I really wanted to bid for Fed's Wimbledon shoes the last time he won it consecutively i.e. i think it was the time before that epic match when he lost to Nadal was the last time he won it consecutive times and he put his shoes up for aution. I really wanted to bid but my better half talked sense into me, luckily she did, they went for around $4500.

Albeit when he lost to Nadal (2008 i think) i thought 'why did i let that stupid cow talk me out of bidding for them'. Afterall because it was the last time Fed won consecutive times they'd probably worth 3 times the price someone paid for them. Gutted !!!!
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