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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Durability on Luxilon string will determine whether it is worth putting it as a cross. So far, I am loving Ltec 4S as a cross with VS Team mains as I have now over 15 hours on it. It's lasting longer than any hybrid cross I have put in my racquets and still has good tension maintenance and feel.
I agree. I have a racket with 4s cross. It lasts longer than 0s. But since 4s is flatter shape I didn't compare it to the 4g.
If I were to compare the 4s and 4g have similar power levels. Slight edge in power to 4s.

My last 4s cross racket had the gut snap at 14 hours. Before that 20. Right in the sweet spot both times from the rubbing.

I'm thinking 4g and 4s crosses will have similar wear on the mains. They both have a wide surface for the mains to slide on.
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