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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Durability on Luxilon string will determine whether it is worth putting it as a cross. So far, I am loving Ltec 4S as a cross with VS Team mains as I have now over 15 hours on it. It's lasting longer than any hybrid cross I have put in my racquets and still has good tension maintenance and feel.
I've lost count on the hours of my 4G crosses. Hit yesterday evening and they felt as good as ever. They're certainly notching into the mains but that's to be expected.

What impresses me most about 4G is the level of comfort and control over time. MSV products certainly provide long term comfort as crosses but control tends to suffer. I've enjoyed 4G so much I'm having my second 200 Tour strung with the same VS/4G 16 setup (had Pro Red Code Crosses in that feel, no comfort, just a nasty hitting experience and the strings seemed to die really fast.)
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