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I think it depends alot on age. I think that one lesson every two weeks isnt enough for a 10 year old kid. If they are just playing sets everyday then they could be creating bad habits at a young age that will be hard to break. If the sets are supervised with constant feedback then that is a good idea. To just tell a young kid to only get one lesson every two weeks and play sets the rest of the time is not a good idea in my opinion.
Totally agree. Kids need the right tools to compete. You can't learn a proper serve without a lot of repetition and oversight. Play with a pancake and no correction you end up with a junky adult player later on. You need the fundamentals that scale to higher levels of play. Practice and drill when young. After the proper habits are ingrained play more matches. Less matches at first focusing not on results but holes in technique. Use matches improve at first not win. Drill simulating match conditions as well as to groove strokes.
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