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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
How hard can it be to find this product? As a mainstream Nike product it's one of the easiest items to buy online, especially if you're from the U.S. Certainly the most ubiquitous?

This is my go-to polo shirt and has replaced all other polo shirt brands in my casual wardrobe. I'm a 100cm chest and take a size Large which by their labelling fits up to a 105cm chest. I wouldn't say it is a Slimfit - it's somewhere between Slim and Regular fit and to me, provides a good range of movement without being too restrictive around the back or shoulders. The shorter sleeve is a nice touch and doesn't make you look like a golfer (or Tony Soprano).

The slight Slimfit means it sits well untucked or tucked in. I know there is a school of thought that says polos should never be tucked in, and certainly the minimal shirt tail and bottom hem logo on the Grand Slam means it isn't really meant to be worn tucked in. But I find a black or navy, oops, "Obsidian" shirt worn tucked with smart belt and trousers looks the business for smart business casual.

The Pinwheel logo is a stylish touch and a great adaptation of the conventional Swoosh logo. It's a subtle alternative to a crocodile or pony logo on your chest. I like how no one can easily identify it.

Note that the pique cotton shirt is Made in China - there is also a standard cotton version (non-pique construction) that is made in Vietnam that is labelled a size down from the pique version - i.e, the Vietnam size Large is labelled chest size 100cm. (John McEnroe wore one while commentating for Aussie TV this year and he looked great in it)

You may have seen that Nike also produces a "Summerized" Grand Slam range, presumably of lighter weight cotton.

Note also Nike produces another 100% cotton polo shirt line, the Athletic Dept range (AD Club line). These shirts are a beefier cotton knit which I reserve for cooler weather. With these, I take a size Medium to achieve a similar fitted look to the Large Grand Slam.

Any further questions just ask. Cheers.
As surprising as it sounds, Nike doesn't make them all that accessible. Maybe because they want to push their other poly type sport polo's? but I have a pretty hard time finding them when not in season. One would think they would expand the range due to popularity? And they are quite slim fitting, I don't have to size up in any other brand but these.
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