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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
Maybe the tipping thing has gone far enough. Seems like half the stores I go into lately have a tip box at the counter. I think I'll put one in my office with a sign "If you enjoyed the Adderal, please feel free to show your appreciation."
As evidenced by this thread, tipping etiquette is undefined in our culture.

Therefore, people in the (food) service industry are taking advantage of this to try to get a bit more money. Not surprising, some customers feel they "should" put something in the tip jar.

True, others are silently angry that "tipping is out of control" and REFUSE to put anything in these tip jars. So what. Nothing lost for the worker.

On a bit of a side note, some of these kids are getting aggressive with demanding tips. I ordered a carryout pizza (from Pappa Johns) a while back and the kid behind the counter made if fairly clear that he expected a tip for ringing up my order.
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