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Originally Posted by heartattack View Post
hi mikeler. first of all im interested on trying the discho micro fibre. but multifilament string doesnt last for me. because i try the x-one bishase 16 string it only last 2-3hrs and it broke. hows the durability of micro fibre?
I did not play X1 to breakage, so it is hard for me to compare. I did play with it for longer than 2-3 hours though. The only way to know is to try it.

Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
61 lbs (4 pounds above my normal multi tension). Seems to work. On RacquetTune I notice a tension loss every time it's damp outside, so I'm going to be more careful next time and just use a spare on damp days. It lost 18% tension over the duration (still played well).
Thanks. When I used Wilson gut RT indicated about the same tension loss. I may call TW and order a set and see if they will do the cheaper US Mail shipping.
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