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NO!! see Djokovic won Aussie, Miami and Rogers Cup. Federer won Wimby Indian wells, Madrid (clay) Rotterdam, Dubai, and Cincy beating Djokovic 6-0 7-6 and a Silver medal!!! Hes won on all surfaces this year and has an olympic medal therefore I think he deserves it more
Lets break it down by surface:

Clay- Federer won Madrid, but Djokovic reached the Roland Garros finals and the finals of both Monte Carlo and Rome. I would give Djokovic the edge overall, RG final is already worth atleast equal to a Masters title, and he did better at 3 of the 4 major events (yes a DNP counts as doing worse in an even bigger way btw, as you relegate yourself to 0 points).

Hard Courts- Djokovic with 1 slam, another slam final, and both have 2 Masters. No contest Djokovic. A couple more minor sub Master level event titles would not compensate the difference of 1 slam and 1 other slam final vs 1 slam semi and 1 slam quarter.

Grass- No contest Federer.

So breaking it down that way as well Djokovic is slightly ahead at this point. The Race points back this up too, there is a reason Djokovic is about 1000 points ahead. If Federer wins the WTF he will probably end the year end #1 anyway, and probably deserve it in that case as well.

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