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Originally Posted by 10SDad View Post
I'd love to hear how this trial goes for you, so please post back when you have a chance after running through the paces.

The only multi I have at the moment to try is NXT 17 ga. That's a pretty soft string as it is, so with the lower tension I don't know what is going to happen.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I want to give the stick a fair chance, but have never had to change things up this much before.

Out of curiosity, has anyone tail-waited their Melbourne? Since the buttcap appears non-removable and I believe there is already silicone in the handle, a leather grip or lead under the grip are about the only methods.
It has been raining here and will continue to rain for the next couple of days. I may hit with it Sunday evening or for Sure Monday during a league match.
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