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Default Arm friendly Extended Mid plus racquets

I'm a 4.0+ short male adult (5' 4") with compact swing and thin muscular build.
I've been looking for an upgrade from Wilson Team FX BLX (Hd size 103, strung weight 10.3oz) to a heavier arm friendly racquet since my arm and shoulder started huring really bad with this racquet.

I'm looking for your suggestions:
Ideally I would like to have the following:
(1) Mid plus head size (100-105 Sq Inch)
(2) 11oz+ weight (12 Oz is a little too heavy for me)
(3) Extended length 27.5 in since I am short
(4) Arm friendly
(5) Most cost effective

I demoed Pro Kennex Ki 5x but an't say I'm in love with it. Did't like Avery 110 OS.

Ideally a recent discontinued model would be nice due to price considerations.
I've looked at all the reviews of different racquets but haven't found anything yet. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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