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Default tennis jobs,

Hello. First time post. I read the forums all the time though. I figured this would be a great place to post, because others here love/work in tennis. A bit about me, 5.0 player, former d1 and naia player, naia college tennis coach, and a tennis pro for about 8 years.

I was recently second in charge of a huge tennis club, I loved the job, but had to move due to a illness and subsequent death in the family. So, I moved back to my home town and Im in a tennis rut. I work at a club here, but its not great, and I'm not allowed to be creative.

If anyone on here has any creative tennis ideas they want to launch, or wants help at their club, or has any advice, I'd love to talk! Not asking for a job, but would be open to cool ideas and opportunities. Also, If anyone is involved with the florida tennis scene I'd like to chat, I ve thought about going there, but I imagine it's cutthroat. I'll start posting here more often.

Anyone have any cool advice or know of any opportunities email me at

Thanks for listening.
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