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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Its probably a short-lived mistake...

However, Apple often uses its ultra-loyal fan base as 'development mules' to further push the market in the direction they want; and often succeed!
See post #295.

The culture of Apple customers simply aren't into being development mules. I didn't mind techie stuff and workarounds when I was a student and a 100% fully working computer was a novelty, but nowadays anything techwise that causes me hassle or wastes my time, just ****es me off. I just want the thing to work from the word go. Even Co-Pilot on Android ****es me off at time because I know it sometimes isn't offering me the most direct route (even though it will get me there eventually) but that's down to the 3rd party developer. Google Maps Navigation actually works very well in terms of efficient routing but it doesn't have the bells and whistles of a dedicated sat nav app. In fact, thinking about it, Google should combine the two, or maybe they just don't want to alienate potential developers.

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