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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Fact check for all juniors out there who may be reading this:

You do not need all 800s on all your SATs to get into the Ivies. This applies to athletes and non-athletes.

Check out the link below. The middle 50% at Harvard has SAT Reading scores between 690-790. For Math it is 700-800. Writing, 690-790

Or check out this link for total SAT scores for the middle 50%. Harvard is at 2070-2350.

What any of this has to do with Brad Baughman is a mystery to me. But bad info in any junior thread does a disservice to juniors and needs to be called out I think
Yes, this is true. I know several non-athlete kids who went to Ivies this year and they didn't have anywhere near perfect SAT scores. I think one's was in the 2100-range and ended up at Columbia.

But I think the other poster was referring to home-schooled kids.

I would imagine that the admissions department weigh test scores more heavily for home schooled kids.

Though I imagine that most of these kids are actually in some type of accredited online school.

Definitely SAT II subject tests would be very important for HS'd kids.

Every applicant has to take 2-3 SAT II's but I think the requirement for HS'd youngsters is more subject tests, if I recall correctly.
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