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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Ga....I agree with you so much! I watch USTA tournament after tournament and I am shocked at how bad the play is. I swear only a handful of players in each age group are good. Scary to think the 6-8th ranked players many times are mediocre compared to the top 1-2.

If you have the opportunity, college players, adults are much better. Thats one reason I cringed so much on that Abigail thread. Of course at 11.5 she is kicking tail all the way to the 16s. She will only meet a few good players no matter what level USTA she plays. Talk about a false sense of actual tennis level.

The boys are a different story, but for girls, who can be amazing by 10-12, the USTA tournament route is an epic waste of time and money.
This is true, but you can say that about most any sport. You have a handful of standouts and many mediocre players.

Many kids that play USTA are not looking to become a pro or get a scholarship. Some of them just want to play tennis and have no match play locally. Some just want a spot on their HS team. Some don't even like playing but have parents pushing them.

I suppose it makes sense for some to sit out and just work on technique. For many, playing in the tournament is the end goal, not something grander.
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