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Default Question about self-rating vs. NTRP rating.

I don't have an NTRP rating. But I play in non NTRP leagues and classes that are called 3.5 singles, etc.

I have been a fan of threads here that talk about NTRP ratings vs. self-rating, but I've long wanted to see what a 3.5 NTRP player looks like. I go to youtube and search, but first I'll see a "3.5" that looks much more skilled than I, and the next one I'll look at is a "3.5" that seems to have very little skills.

This is a brief description of specific things that I don't do well, as opposed to most descriptions that offer up what a player does do well.


Despite my vast improvement in the past several months, I still frame hard first serves into the court in front of me or send one to the fence. I don't do it very often anymore, but it does still happen occasionally.

I still misjudge my set up and completely wiff once in awhile.

I still sometimes get completely handcuffed by a hard groundstroke and probably look like a total hack when I do.

I still get lazy or tired with footwork and find myself totally out of position as a winner sails by me....find myself five feet behind the base line when there is no reason in the world other than laziness/tiredness for me to be there.

I still overhead smash into the net sometimes.

I still wimp out on my second serves, even though I don't really resort to "punching it in" anymore.

Even though I am "in" every game I lose, I still fold and lose games that I have game/break points in way too often.

I still haven't learned the fine art of "winning." I can compete. I battle hard, and am a hard out in any single game. But my losses still almost always can be characterized as "much closer than the score indicates."

I still get frustrated and infuriated and usually lose to a lesser player who is good at "pushing."


In addition, if any of you more knowledgable peeps' can post a video of what an actual NTRP 3.5 looks like, I'd be very grateful.

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