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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Nothing to do with Brad.... And the thread should be about the junior, I would think.....

Just random postings at this point.

in general, colleges like a very large applicant pool.
It has nothing to do with their love for wading through endless resumes of prospective college students for the perfect match.

A college can get a very large applicant pool by posting a range of SAT scores that kids can rely on as indicators that they have a chance..
The infamous 25th to 75th percentile range.
Then, the student whose is at the 50% thinks they have a reasonable shot to get in.
The large applicant pool, and subsequent rejections equal a better number for the ranking game.

While, the lower range is set aside sometimes for select athletes, deep pocket donors, etc,
it does not happen very often.

My daughter is at an Ivy, so I did do some research on this.
Juniors, you can take a look at these charts if you wish to get a more factual....rather than anecdotal.....grasp of the situation.

The chart that is linked is for Harvard, you can easily pull up other schools.

Your choice....go with the anecdotes, or these sources
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