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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
OK, I believe you. It is just that people here like to fight about it.

I'm sure Wegner can speak for himself if he sees this thread, as he sometimes posts here, but my understanding is that he claims MTM is a way to quickly learn how to play like the modern pros. Take that as you will. I don't think he's claiming that he's developed a new way to play tennis, but I don't know his stuff so I won't speak for him.
WildVolley has done a nice job of answering the question and I'll just add that
MTM is an "Instructional Method" designed to help players learn to swing the
racket more like most of the top players do.

As you can see where sureshs is already made several attempts to get his trolling
2 cents in (and likely to continue trying to push some unknown agenda),
but really there is little need for controversy.
MTM is a name of a teaching system more than a type of play, although it
would make sense that a type of play will result to some extent. THe intent
is that students of MTM will have strokes that work more like the pros than
the old classic method of teaching provides.
Even the instructors and proponents of Classic admit the strokes must morph
over or be relearned for transition to high performance, tournament tennis.

MTM intends to avoid the steps of learning classic and morphing by beginning
with instruction intended
to work more like the best Pro players, right from the start. Even if one needs
to claim they are not exactly like the pros, most would have to honestly admit
that any adjustment would be small.
The idea before was that classic/traditional strokes were easier, but MTM
instructors find that tournament strokes are even easier than classic, so no
reason not to start with the high performance based technique from the start.
MTM Instructor
Pro Supex Big Ace

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