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Originally Posted by mr_fro2000 View Post
Is there anyone on the tour who is NOT MTM?

but for short shots I step into it with a closed stance (how could you not?!?!).

Can someone explain all this? I frequently find people here arguing about this topic and I get the sense that they don’t all have the same definition of MTM to begin with which leads to pointless arguments. Clarification would be appreciated. Thanks!
Last question above first. I'm glad to explain,... and my background was playing/instructing
over 20yrs of traditional, before moving on to MTM instruction, so you might
want to consider that when looking for answers. Posters like sureshs have a
limited experience even in classic, but don't even have a beginners grasp of
MTM. Not sure how he feels that makes him helpful to anyone with questions
on this subject.

MTM players on tour-
Most players on tour are good examples of what MTM teaches, but each player
may have an area or 2 that is out of line with most of the rest of the best players.
Several tour players parents have reported that they used Oscar's
books to coach their kids.

"but for short shots I step into it with a closed stance (how could you not?!?!)."
Well that is something you could learn about with MTM. Yes, many players
must take a step at times to create a good contact point, but the best players
normally lift more than move forward into the shot for TS (modern slice you do
continue forward) shots.

Hope this helps.
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