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Default Favorite player feuds?

This era there aren't many aside from Almagro-Berdych and Djokovic-Roddick but they have settled things it appears. But there used to be more bad blood between players - Woodforde-Ivanesivic talked some trash about each other. Williams-Spirlea. Hings vs. Mauresmo. Hingis vs. The Williams family. The Williams family vs. Indian Wells. McEnroe vs. Lendl. McEnroe and Connors. HEwitt vs the Argies, Chela and Coria got pretty intense. Coria and Gaudio had a row over fake injuries. To name a few. Let's talk about some of the best player fueds...
I just read where Woodforde lost to Goran in three sets at the 98 US Open and said he had no game except for a serve and that he wouldn't pay to see him play. Goran countered that Woodforde was old and had a shi77y backhand, couldn't move and always talks bad about him for some reason. Then he tried to hit him and did and didn't apologize. Then Goran served an ace on the next point. WOnder what triggered those two to go at it with such venom. Anybody know?
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