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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
Alright, I think we're beating on a dead horse here. It's pretty obvious that OP likes to have long, epic, Earth shattering swings.

Just so you know, power isn't everything. What you gain with power, you lose on precision. And as I mentioned before, the more moving parts you have, the less accurate and consistent you'll be simply because there are more opportunities for stuff to break down.
No. I like you Say Chi but don't just assume that i have a long, earth shattering backswing. I use a different swing depending on what has been delivered by my opponent. The reason i started this thread was that i felt too many people were advising other players to have short backswings. I think this is good advice for a beginner or intermediate who wants consistency, simplicity and placement. But there comes a point in one's game where i think you need the ability to potentially hit a powerful shot with a long back swing.

In charliefederer's photos you can see that they all have medium to long backswings. To generate your own power you need to use your whole body (legs, torso, shoulders, arm, wrist). I think a long to medium backswing makes this easier.
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