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I wear the cheaper contacts and they work fine for tennis. Regular glasses normally and contacts for 3-4 hours of tennis.

About a year ago my glasses were crooked also. I did what I have done for many years, I took them off, opened the ear pieces and placed them on a table to see the alignment. I then proceeded to carefully bend the earpiece by gripping near the hinge with pliers. I kept working but this time did not make any progress. On looking at the part that comes down behind the ear I discovered that one was longer than the other, for the first time! My technique of placing them on a flat surface could not work. I aligned them by looking at the top part of the earpiece. I guess now that if I had turned them over on the flat surface the alignment technique might still have worked....

Best to take them back to the optometrist for an expert adjustment. Also always buy titanium frames, they are hard to bend.

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