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Of course. Play to your opponent's weaknesses, and mix up the pattern from time to time to keep your opponent guessing.

If the opponent has a weaker side (most do), go there for a weak reply. Then you've got options on the next shot.
1) Serve and volley off of that side.
2) Take advantage of the short reply and go for a winner, or an approach shot and put away the volley.
3) Or just get into your opponent's head by consistently breaking down that side.

Serve for court position:
1) Deuce court, slice it out wide and open up the ad side for whatever you want to do.
2) Ad court, kick it out wide and open up the ad side.
3) Do that enough to the point where your opponent starts leaning towards the alleys, then go up the middle.

These are just some of the things I think about before I toss up a ball.

The serve is important, it's the only shot where you have absolutely control and can either win you a point, or dictate how the point is going to play out.
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