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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Not knocking the S3. While we were at the store and she was having her phone set up, I was toying around with the S3. Very impressive, and the screen is simply awesome. That said, the Iphone ( I have a 4 and haven't decided if I'm going to upgrade), simply put, feels and works for me, much easier and smoother. Still, I would say I'm still in the market and open to looking at other phones.
Yeah, I was an iPhone 4 user myself and I was a big fan of the build quality, finish and of iOS in general. Having just started using Android it's a nice feeling to come across things I don't like, and be able to change them. iOS is nearly perfect but not everyone wants their phone to work in exactly the same way.

I've mentioned about the lack of timestamps on messages, no times and dates for photos etc.. just simple little tweaks like that for me would of meant I wouldn't of had to look for alternatives. So far with the S3 i've totally changed the look of it, custom icons, a few widgets and the like. I wasn't a fan of the standard keyboard so just downloaded one from the market place and it's fantastic. The apps and widgets on the lockscreen mean you don't even need to unlock your phone to get what you need.

It's just things like that where you can make it your phone that i'm enjoying.
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