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Originally Posted by tenniscasey View Post
I'm interested too, NTRP. I'm a 3.0 who won about 50% of his 3.0 matches this year, and based on your youtube videos I think you and I would match up very evenly.
Oh, I didnt see the requests for my record.

I am 11W-2L for 3.0/6.0/7.0 this year. I'm assuming you're talking about 7.0 as well since im a "3.0" with a "4.0".

Only two of those are matches are at 3.0/6.0, the rest are 7.0 mixed with 4.0 women. Of those two losses, one was my very first "7.0 mixed" match ever against the top team in the flight, the other loss was against... the other top team in the playoffs from the other flight. The second time around I did much better, but its hard being a 3.0 guy with a 4.0 girl in mixed. Most of the teams run two solid 3.5 players or a 4.0 guy with a "fresh" 3.0 girl.

My partners have to be solid because the strategy of "playing the girls" remains the same, regardless of whos NTRP is higher. I havnt seen any "obviously strong" 4.0 women 3.0 guy combos where they play the guy instead but I suppose its possible. I have seen a 3.0 self-rated (guy) college player guys who openly talk about it....... almost to gloat (it was a jr. college, but still) and just last week I played a 3.5 girl who played college in Japan in 2005, and played 9.0 in 2009. Had to serve the both those players forehands. Girls backhand was too solid. Guys forehand was making too many errors.

I learned in extreme cases like that generic "play the girl" or "play the weakness" doesnt really work so much. You just have to play great tennis and make great shots. Serve the guy big and risk the double. Serve the girl two solid second serves to save on doubles. For me, as a someone with terrible volleys, camp the baseline and wait for the net player to do work, or wait for an easy shot I can rip somewhere and come in to the net.

Kinda went off on a rant there... but im deliriously tired and I have a match today.
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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