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I try to get involved in forehand to forehand exchanges. I can easily go on offense at any time on the forehand side but the backhand side not so much. My backhand isnt really a "weakness", not at this level especially, but I dont have an "offense" mode and my counter punching isnt so hot especially on passing shots.

If I ever do get involved in a backhand to backhand exchange, I try to slice to their forehand if possible and start a forehand to forehand exchange. If its a hard topspin backhand to backhand exchange more or less in the center of the court I just pray the dont come in. My backhand counter punching (passing shots and lob winners) are not dialed in yet.

I'm going to say I serve to the backhand or middle of the box 80% of the time. I try not to serve the forehand side of the box so they have to at least move a little to hit a forehand on a ball thats in the middle or in the backhand side of the box.

Those are just generic strategies I guess.
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