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I rarely post here, but my hot button was hit. First, we really have to evaluate the compensation structure. Tipping has become rampant. Those who are already compensated a reasonable amount for their services are now asking for tips. I'm not going to break all of this down or go into a detail-by-detail rant of my experiences, but I believe it is going too far. Tipping more or less based on performance for "traditional" tipped services is fine. This idea of tipping for a good job (unless you want to help someone out on a personal level) is absurd. There is only a good job. Anything less does not deserve business in the first place.

Before the onslaught of tipping mania, in my high school and college days, I would sometimes help an uncle out. Sometimes people would offer me a tip. I would refuse. The job could be performed one way. Anything other than meeting certain criteria is unacceptable. Compensation was pre-determined in the contract with the customer if a purchase was eventually made.

What you did was a "nice gesture." How much you wish to put out in that manner is entirely personal.

The danger is when the person who wishes to be tipped can use something as a "weapon" against you in the event they don't like your tip or lack of it.
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