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Originally Posted by Logan71 View Post
It comes down to the events they both pick and the mindset of the 2.
Who wants it most.
Not exactly. At this stage, I feel that Federer wants it much more than Djokovic, no question.

However, he is 1,000 points behind, and likely to be 1,500 points behind next week with Djokovic playing Beijing vs no real threat. And this is definitely *huge* ground to cover in just three (or four) tournaments, none of which is a slam.

At the moment, the crowded schedule of the Olympic year seems to advantage Djokovic big time (the 1,000 points he was able to add to his tally by basically being the only one to play in Canada being the extend of his current lead), but there is still a lot of tennis to be played, so let's see how this pans out.

Edit: Also, who gets Murray in his part of the draw in Shanghai could very well be a big factor (if not the deciding one), the Brit being arguably the favourite to win the whole thing.

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