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Originally Posted by Paul Murphy View Post
Though I do wish a few more of their biggest encounters were closer.
That would have been the icing on the cake.
Yes you are right too many of their matches at the bigger tournaments were straight set victories for the winner.

In their Wimbledon semi in 1983 Mac was playing out of this world, and very few players in tennis history could have coped with him playing that well on grass. At that stage Lendl was pretty helpless against a far superior Mac on grass.

In their RG quarter-final in 1981, Lendl began his first period of completely dominating and overpowering Mac, and that stage Lendl was streets ahead of Mac on clay, red or green.

However at the US Open and Masters where both players were strong on the surfaces and comfortable with the settings, I wish their matches would have been more competitive. 4 out of their 5 US Open matches (including both finals) and all 4 of their Masters matches (including 3 finals) finished in straight sets.

A 5 set thriller in a US Open match and/or Masters final, to go with their classic 1984 RG and 1983 Dallas finals, would have made their rivalry even more special.
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