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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
So you've done your coin toss/racket spin.

Player A wins the toss and elects to serve.

Player B chooses his side.

The warmup begins.

Now, during the warmup, it starts to rain, and you need to leave the court. You come back to the court a couple hours later.

The result of the coin toss/racket spin (i.e. heads or tails) STANDS AS IT WAS.

The players, however, have the right to change their mind as to their choices.

Player A (since he won the toss) can re-choose serve, receive, side, or defer.

Then, Player B gets to make a new decision as well.
Related question .... you play a match and you are in the middle when you have a rain delay. You end up resuming the match at a different court on another day. Who chooses the side you will begin the next day on?

Obviously the server is determined if you are in the middle of a set, but which side he will serve from is not ... so who chooses?

Also related ... lets say you resume the match on exact same court but the next morning ... so the sun has moved and the "bad side" has switched to the other side of the court. Are you required to start from the same sides of the court since it is the same exact court? (thinking mostly about doubles here)
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