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Default I have a serious *hypothetical* problem. Help!

Please put on your thinking caps and give this ole fren some help getting his feet on the ground.

Let's say I am given a ride by some extra-terrestrials. The ride takes days or weeks of my time, but when I am returned to the street I lived on, I find that several decades have elapsed on Earth (time dilation).

I am standing in front of my house. The entire street has changed. All houses/apartments rebuilt, new name plates. I know nobody. I have no place to go, no home. All I have on me (let's say) is a DL (long expired) and perhaps an ATM card (blocked due to account disuse, if the bank still exists).

I realize that the few people I knew are either dead, or very old and thus in no shape to help me, even if I could locate them. I do remember a couple of gmail ids, but gmail doesn't exist any longer. Same for cell numbers. My cell phone doesn't work now (providers/technology everything's changed).

My skill set was already outdated when I left, now it would be history, so I am not sure how I am going to earn money.

So here I am, standing on the street I lived on, a stranger, not knowing what my first move should be. Should I approach the police, the newspapers, or what ? How do i earn a living ?

Should I keep mum about my trip for fear of ridicule, or is that the only hope I have (since I still look like I did in 2012 - forty years back).

Thanks for helping out.
Sincerely, Senti.
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