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Originally Posted by davo81 View Post
After having taken a look at his website and watched a few of the Youtube videos, my main understanding is that Wegner believes that traditional tennis instruction is too complicated, that it doesn't make sense to teach beginners differently than pros, and that the focus should be on the racquet rather than taking away attention by focusing on footwork, early setup, etc. I ordered his DVDs yesterday night (late-night retail therapy) and will soon be able to find out more
I have been playing about 35 years. Studied Vic Braden's book Tennis for the Future 35 years ago and bought the Oscar's MTM book about 5 years ago. Both are good and there are really a lot of similarities. I like Oscar's simple approach but there are a few things lacking. Most pros have very good shoulder turn/prep even when hitting open stance FH - Oscar does not stress shoulder turn/prep. His sections on the serve, volley, and 2HBH also seem a bit brief - they provide a basic approach but not advanced level instruction. But, maybe that's Oscar's philosphy - "keep it simple stupid" and a lot of the things will happen naturally.

By the way, if you play like Jimmy Connors or Chris Evertt, you are a classic or traditional type player. If you play like David Ferrer or Roger Federer, you are a modern player.
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