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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Well it's not a fix all and it actually can hurt your game.

I cant really play with a conventional grip's weird.

But it definitely makes a HUGE change. Whether its a good change or a bad change is for you to decide.

Certainly trying it a few times will not ruin your game.

But if you do try it I 100 percent guarantee you will see the difference in power.
You will be spraying the ball over the fence as there is quite a learning curve
I disagree w/ "over the fence" when I first used it, the balls were dying into the net b/c of the spin.

I would also temper some of the claims of "huge" spin or power gains but would rather say it enables me to comfortably hit shots w/ "huge" spin. Without the ww or power-v grip, I felt uncomfortable w/ western/semi-west. grip esp. if using windshield wiper motions.

The biggest gain actually was with the continental grip. It's much more stable on volleys. I also prefer serving with it.

Replacing a regular grip to add the ww + overgrip nets 10-12g to the racquet and makes it a bit more headlight.

Main negative is that I have to take 2-3 racquets everytime b/c I can't borrow someone else's racquet if I break a string. Of course, it also keeps people from borrowing your racquet.
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