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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
I like Oscar's simple approach but there are a few things lacking. Most pros have very good shoulder turn/prep even when hitting open stance FH - Oscar does not stress shoulder turn/prep. His sections on the serve, volley, and 2HBH also seem a bit brief - they provide a basic approach but not advanced level instruction. But, maybe that's Oscar's philosphy - "keep it simple stupid" and a lot of the things will happen naturally..
I don't quite agree that it's lacking, but think you got it right overall and summed
it up well in the end. I think there is a reasonable assumption that as you start
becoming a more advanced, the basics do lead to many things happening normally
or naturally with just a little guidance. Mostly take any little league player and
ask him to throw farther or harder and he will use more shoulder turn without
even thinking about it. When Oscar works with a higher level player, things like this
will be mentioned if needed, but with MTM strokes, power is never a issue in my
experience teaching it, as it just comes on as they learn. Amazing how much talk
about creating power there is on here, but my experience is more in having to
teach players to control power rather than generate it. My players are always
powerful and just need guidance to control the power.
Nice post on your experience.
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