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Originally Posted by Pete.Sampras. View Post
I would tell him to stop now if I were his manager, but I have no idea what he will do now.

Sauber seems to be an option but not a "winning" one. And even if Ferrari would take Schumacher for Massa, he would be in a team with a prime Alonso who is Ferrari's new leader.

But I guess driving a F1 car is a lot of fun and it's hard to let go. If Schumacher still enjoys it and teams want him...
He is already old enough, plus with the concussions He had racing motorcycles and the loss of reflexes it is time to hang up the gloves. Schumacher is the best there ever was, but his come back was disastrous, only made his image look worse, F1 nowadays isn't much about the driver but all other variables, I only watch because I still have a hope He could win one race to have as much as Senna and Prost together, but it won't happen.
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