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Originally Posted by NJ1 View Post
Thanks top both of you for the info. Looks like I'll have to steer clear of the 308s as I am indeed a grinding style (pusher, around these parts) 5.0 who makes up for numerous other on-court deficiencies through speed, fitness and an unflappable 2hbh.

Shame as I have no doubt the 308s are superb. TW really should modify the score, it looks a little like the are favoring the big sponsors like Nike over the the likes of Yonex.
Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
A lack of ventilation and also the comfort issues I had gave it a bit of a hit with my scores. I wasn't the only one to find the way the shoe rolled from heel to toe to not feel natural and I think that hurt the overall score, while there's not really a specific category score which was hurt by that feel.

Chris, TW
I just talking about when the final score, is an average of 5-6 categories, with given notes by each play tester, still is mathematically wrong, when you sum it all up and divide them, the final score is 4. something and not 3.5, there is a math mistake in adding and dividing the score.

I saw a mistake also in one of the Nike's final score that was also bumped up.

Of course everything is subjective to opinions, while for me is the best for others may not be, so Chris's opinions are just as valid as mine and others, so i respect and have always respected one's feedback here at the forum.
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