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Originally Posted by souledge View Post
Also, has anyone used Prince Premier LT? What makes that one so much more expensive than Attack? I noticed it comes in an 18 gauge.
I used Premier LT 16. I usually don't pay that much for a multi, but it came free with my racquet as part of a special offer. I played well with it, but after about 6-8 hours I could feel it getting stiffer, then at about 10 hours I cut it because I didn't like it at that point.

Premier Attack is softer from the start. It gets stiffer also, but it keeps its playability for a longer time. Premier Attack has more pop, and it gives me more confidence to take full swings. I measure my tension with RacquetTune every time I'm done playing. Based on my measurements, Premier Attack holds tension as well or better than any other string I've tried. I also like that it doesn't move around much in the stringbed.

I really don't see a reason to pay more for Premier LT. Maybe Premier Softflex would be better, but I haven't tried it, and it also costs more than Premier Attack.
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