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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
Great analysis. I'm sure you'd make a great, mentor coach and motivator.

The road to success is not an uninterrupted elevator ride to the top. There are many factors at play at any given time during an athletes development. Fact is neither you or I are aware of what they are.

Did you notice the score in the dubs final?
i simply said his form at us open was an exception - that's completely obvious from his results - didn't say he has no chance of making it on tour at some point

and who cares what the dubs score was? maybe a slight injury after they lost first set, maybe they just didn't care about finishing that match after the end of a long week (similarly britton-krajicek only played a set in semis - dubs doesn't matter much and these guys know it - they want to make it in singles)

you choose a lot of peripheral arguments once someone shows you are an idiot - which is why this is my last response to you about this topic - not getting dragged down any more stupid side roads

you argued with me saying his recent results were not at the level of his us open performance...i showed above that you are insane for arguing with me about closed

get some help

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