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yogisri, have you considered adding some lead to your current racket? Perhaps 15 grams or so might be enough to tame the frame shock somewhat. Probably want to go with some at 3/9 o'clock and some at the throat or handle to achieve the balance/swingweight that you desire.

Have you looked at any of the other ProKennex racquets? There are several in the Kinetic or Ionic series that might suit your needs. If you are willing to settle for a 27" arm-friendly midplus racket, there are several inexpensive (under $80) Prince racquets that might fit the bill. The Prince O3 Hybrid Shark (MP) is arm-friendly and fits your other requirements as well. Some other Prince possibilities:

O3 Hybrid Shark (MP)
O3 Hybrid Shark Hornet (MP)
O3 Original White (w/soft throat grommet option)

A couple others for under $100

ExO3 Hornet MP 100
O3 Speedport Tour (heavier than others at 11.6 oz, SW=32
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