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Originally Posted by 2ndServe View Post
if I pulled the string then released it and pulled it again would this be better than pre stretching?
That depends on what type of stringer you have and what type of pre stretching you are doing. You could pre-stretch manually by wrapping a set of starring around a pole and pulling on the ends to remove coiling. Or you could use a pre-stretch on some electronic machines. When pulling tension two times (or more) on the string on a lock-out machine you will see a difference. If you are pulling tension two times on a true constant pull (some electronic machines are not true constant pull) you will see less of a difference if any. If you go through the process of pulling two times on a true constant pull then you will be pulling the string for a longer period of time. If using a constant pull and you increase the time you pull the string you increase the stretch. Even though the tension is the same longer pulling times produce a stiffer string bed.
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