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Originally Posted by stapletonj View Post
The rule, put quite simply, is this.

You CANNOT reachover the net AT ANY TIME, before, during or after contact with the ball, with one exception.

In the proverbial super backspin drop shot which hits, bounces, and comes back over to the other players side before bouncing the second time, you CAN and MUST reach over and at least touch the ball (WITHOUT TOUCHING THE NET) before it bounses the second time.
You don't necessarily have to reach over the net. If the ball spun back over the net close enough to the sideline, you can run around the net and hit the ball as long as you don't step into the opponent's court (or touch the net).

Woodrow can confirm this, unless I'm completely wrong!

Also, I believe the right shot to take when you do run around the net is to hit the ball into the net so it just dies into the court. It would be semi-equivalent to hitting a netcord winner.
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