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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
With the Wonder Wedge, how did it effect your backhand? Hitting an Eastern Backhand grip, it seems to me like it be be a bit bulky feeling.

I can honestly say that more than any other stroke the wedge helped my backhand the most .

Absolutely no downside. Wayyyy more power, more control, topspin an slice all powered up immensely on the backhand side.

The forehand .....bit of a different story. The forehand was very hard to get used to . It took me a very long time . About 6 months .

They should in my opinion change the name to "power palm arch support" or something . Or "the custom grip"......

There is some customization with the have to cut it down to fit your palm . So there is a bit of tinkering here.

As another poster said.....yes Federer has a custom grip.....all the pros do. This is a poor mans custom grip.

Bosworth did the same thing for Navratilova . He made a custom grip to support the exact shape of her palm. She says she can now hit a one handed topspin down the line which she was never able to do before thanks to the custom grip.

The wedge simply supports the palm of your hand. I think the molding tape I suggested is even better than the wedge because you can customize to fit your palm better than the rubber wonder wedge.

Also you can make it as thin or thick as you want. I use five pieces. But you can use just a couple of pieces and work your way up.

I wish I had thought of the molding tape to begin with....the wedge was too thick and the learning curve is very long . It took me a while to get used to.

Plus everyone's palm is different and some may need thicker and others thinner.

Palms are like your feet they come in all different shapes and sizes . The wedge that is sold online is not the right fit for Everyone. With molding tape you can customize .
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