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By the way.....if you really want to do this the right way you should go to someone like Roman Prokes in NY or Bosworth in Florida.

They will take a mold of your hand and custom for a grip for your playing style.

You will not believe what a difference your grip makes in your game.

I believe the grip is actually far more important than the strings you use or the racquet you choose.

The angle and the strength of your grip is the beginning of everything . If your grip is not at the right angle or not strong enough to support then your game will be greatly affected.

Hours and hours are spent on the boards about string and racquets. But no one talks about the grip....which is far far more important.

If you don't believe me just try it. You will be blown away by the difference it makes. It may not be a "good" difference but you will automatically see a gigantic difference in the way you hit the ball. You will realize how important the shape of your grip is on the very first hit.
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