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I dont know what a recruiter looks for so I might be mistaken...

But I think they would want to see some point play or rallies especially with a legit opponent. If you had some short clips of even a high school match, or some pre-season clips I think that would look really great.

The foot work is crazy, like Kholschreiber status.

I would also take off my personal information from that clip or at least make the video "unlisted" so only people with the link can see it. If you really want to go the "public" route, I would make another video, make it public, but only put a contact email (not your personal one) just in case.

You can leave the "public" one in display with your "tennis email" and you can use your "unlisted" video to send direct links to potential colleges with your personal information.

I get a lot of weird texts on my phone from people as it is. I can only imagine how bad it will be if I had my phone number on a public Youtube video.
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