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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
I'm late to the club... I used to believe the conventional thinking of hitting through 3-4 balls in a row and I found Oscar's videos odd looking.

I happened to see Doug King's video on TennisOne about orienting to the ball and talking about angular momentum when something clicked. Here was a normal American coach (not MTM affiliated as far as I know) basically describing a similar shot as Oscar.

I went to the wall and it clicked even more. In the past, I'd feel like I was hitting the ball really well, but I couldn't build on it because I'd eventually try to frame the shot w/ the goal of hitting through 3-4 balls in a line rather than deflecting and accelerating.

This isn't a bad shot and has gotten me to 4.0, but I feel that I can hit the ball just as consistent and w/ more spin w/ his method.

Back to the videos of Oscar, I think he may be exaggerating the motion? I initially dismissed it b/c I thought he was just arming the ball over the net...

I have his book now. I think the next level of the club will be "stalking the ball." This again seems odd to me. But on thinking about it, I note that I sometimes hit my best groundies returning a flat serve. If I have enough time to do that then I shouldn't be late on a groundstroke.
Hopefully the few videos we have access to of this method being actually played by teacher and student (as opposed to the example videos of pros who have never been taught by this method) are exaggerations and not about how tennis should actually be played.
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