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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
No, this scenario pretty much follows that of Flight of the Navigator.

See ya later, Navigator.
Haven't seen it, will try to if i have the chance.
I think it's highly unlikely you would be the only one this has happened to, if in fact this *hypothetical* situation were to occur. I would seek help. You would be sure to find someone with experience dealing with these matters or at least find someone sympathetic to your plight. No man is an island as they say... good luck time traveler.
Yes, it is likely there may be others too. However, you remember the movie Contact in which Jodie Foster ultimately decided to keep mum.

Telling me that I would find someone with experience etc doesn't comfort me one bit. I need a solid action plan, or at least some set of options that give me hope in dealing with this situation.
1. Ask those extra-terrestrials for some ideas.

2. Figure out the equivalent of "The National Enquirer" and sell them your story for big bucks.

3. Listen to the James Taylor song "The Frozen Man" for insights.

4. Be more careful about hitch-hiking in the future.
1. Too late, they are gone.

3. Will, okay its starting on YT. Let's see.

4. Thanks for the warning. Right now I have the present to worry about, and a bunch of friends on TW who don't seem to take my plight seriously.
Wherefore art Thou, chicobanana ? We misseth Thy magnificent companionship and majestic wisdom !
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