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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I am 11W-2L for 3.0/6.0/7.0 this year. I'm assuming you're talking about 7.0 as well since im a "3.0" with a "4.0".
Thanks. That's interesting. It sounds like you didn't play enough league tennis to move up to 3.5C. Maybe 3.5M? Sounds like there's no chance of a double-bump.

Anyway . . . I think you will have an interesting time should you start playing some 7.0 mixed with a 3.5 female partner instead of a 4.0 lady. Right now, you don't have to protect your 4.0 women partners. All you have to do is play your game and avoid screwing up your own shots too much.

All heck is going to break loose at 7.0 mixed, though. If your volleys stink, then it will be hard for you to help your 3.5 partner hold (and believe me, she's gonna need help). Even if you hit killer serves like you suggest, you only get to serve 25% of the time. I have won many matches when we barely got the dude's serve into play but feasted on the opposing 3.5 woman's service games (by smacking a return deep and running to net) while her partner stood there like a potted plant and watched the carnage.

I guess my point is that all this talk and focus on serving might be somewhat misplaced if you plan to play doubles. Doubles requires high-end volleys, particularly from a dude playing mixed with a woman of the same USTA level (e.g. 3.5/3.5, 4.0/4.0). If your serve has the speed and consistency you claim, you might start spending more of your lesson time on volleys. I say this to be helpful -- the people I know who didn't take the time to develop decent volley technique at 3.0 are very unhappy campers at 4.0.

My partners have to be solid because the strategy of "playing the girls" remains the same, regardless of whos NTRP is higher. . . . . For me, as a someone with terrible volleys, camp the baseline and wait for the net player to do work, or wait for an easy shot I can rip somewhere and come in to the net.
Take my word for it: Having terrible volleys, camping at the baseline and waiting for you partner to do the work, and waiting for an easy shot to rip is going to hit a wall. That wall is 8.0 mixed, maybe even 7.0 mixed with a weaker partner.

There's a whole new, fabulous world awaiting you. It is the world of "Playing with a weaker partner." Things are gonna get interesting in a hurry.
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