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Originally Posted by tennisfan69 View Post
5263..which one of the following will be a true statement if one has answer the op in a simple way..

1. MTM is not a new discovery or invention of any new technique or methodology. But it is a compilation of simple steps that was put together by observing the top elite players play the shots, so everyone can follow and benefit out of it.

2. MTM is collection of new techniques/methodology that some one figured out on his/her own and put together as a way to LEARN how to play the game including top players and club level players.

3. Or is it something else, if so please help us understand.
I like these points. To me, the "someone" is not the obvious suspect. The person who has provided real examples of the evolution of the game and has studied subtle differences between old and new is 5263. As I have said before, I think he is a great coach and one who continues to learn. Other coaches may also be great, but they are not necessarily fixated on the old-new comparisons. It is clear to me he is far superior to the leader, and instead of muddying the waters, he should strike out on his own. Otherwise he will be constantly fighting remarks like a poster made above of the videos showing ridiculous ways of playing, and defending someone else. I never got any specific answers or any useful observations from the leader in the famous deleted thread, just a lot of hand-waving when people probed the claims.

It is time for MTM2 run by 5263.
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